Crew Rules

Here you can read all of our super awesome rules and find out how NOT to get your ass handed to you by me (Reenix) and then kicked from the crew =D

Lets start where all things start. From the beginning.

  1. PUSSI RIOT – You must always use a female character while representing this Crew. There are NO MALE characters allowed in this crew. Not Ever. This is the fastest way to get kicked from this Crew.
  2. TRAITORS… – You cannot kill members of this Crew. Were with each other, not against each other. Why would you kill your own peeps? come on now, thats just silly willy.
  3. NO PROSPECTING – You cannot join this crew just to recruit our members into your own crew. Our members are our own.
  4. WERE ALL THE SAME – No Racism, No Sexism, of any kind. Were all the same. You’ll find all sorts of different kinds of people in this crew, its a colorful bunch, so be nice.
  5. VISIBILITY – You must keep your Social Club profile visible to Crew. We need to be able to see your Gamertag, and Stats.

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